Skateboard rack
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Skateboard rack

€ 45,00 EUR

Here's our 45-degree skateboard and longboard rack. Handcrafted with care in Gironde, France. Made with high-quality, sustainably sourced materials (PEFC Oak). Delivered in 100% recyclable packaging.

Opt for a sleek and elegant skateboard wall mount to easily display your most beautiful board. This mount is suitable for all types of boards, from longboards to street skateboards, cruisers, and carvers. Crafted from solid oak, a durable and sturdy wood, this rack has a simple and streamlined shape that complements any interior style. We apply a homemade finish using linseed oil and beeswax to protect the wood and enhance its natural grain. This rack is user-friendly and easy to install, thanks to the provided tailored anchors and screws. It's ready to securely hold your boards! Our rack is handcrafted in France, in our workshop located in Gironde, using high-quality sustainably sourced materials (PEFC-certified oak). Its dimensions are: 17.8 cm x 9.5 cm x 2.5 cm. Choose our wall mount to efficiently and aesthetically store your skateboard.

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